Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dualit retro radios cost abut £150 new. I couldn't find any on eBay.

Bush radios cost abut £60 new or about a tenner on eBay

Roberts radios cost about £100 new or £40 used on eBay

Retro fridge freezers such as Smeg and Gorenje cost upwards of £1000 new, but can be had on eBay for the region of £400.

From The Steampunk Home, where it describes how they were made:

I had to laugh at these drawer pulls -- I've been searching around for a "bin pull + label" handle for a while, and have only found one, which wasn't quite right. Jen just used her existing bin pulls and added label holders meant for scrapbooking -- 5 for $3! The labels themselves with their spidery writing are with a free font called Schoon.

From Willow & Stone
From Budget Hardware