Sunday, September 28, 2008

The lich gate of St George's church, Poynton. I deliberately included the street furniture, as I didn't like the saccharine Beatrix Potter look without it. In 2B pencil on A5 NOT cold pressed fine grain watercolour paper.

I bought a small sketchbook that fits in my handbag, a pencil, putty rubber and decent pencil sharpener, for sketching on-the-go. This is Lindsey reclining on a sofa. In 2B pencil on A5 NOT cold pressed fine grain watercolour paper.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dad's jacket and cap

Thick, medium and fine willow charcoal sticks on A2 fine-grain heavyweight paper.

Lots of new stuff here - I've never drawn with charcoal before, never drawn on such a large scale. Never drawn with my paper on an easel upright in front of me (my arms ache!). It's not the most fascinating subject ever, but I learned a lot from doing it. If I did it again I'd move my chair (or the door) so the door was at an angle to me rather than straight on. I think that would have been a better composition. I'd also draw the cap larger - although I think I drew it faithfully to size, but I'd have preferred it to be more prominent in the composition as its jaunty checks are more interesting than the plain brown jacket. Still, charcoal is fun to draw with and making big drawings is fun too. I'm looking forwards to doing more like this.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Holiday train leaving Euston station for the North, on Christmas eve 1932. Pure graphite sticks on tracing paper.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Elephant, from a photograph in a children's book. Watercolour pencil on A4 NOT cold pressed aquaralle watercolour paper.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Feral pigeon in London zoo. Small basket by that lives by my fireplace. Both are very small sketches, 2" or 3" square, and both are executed in nasty cheap coloured pencils on nasty cheap paper.

Aloe vera plant. Pure graphite sticks on A5 medium cartridge pad.

Very O'level.

Sheep and hen sketches. Practicing making quick sketches rather than detailed drawings. 2B pure graphite stick on medium surface cartridge pad.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Joy of the Family

Sculpture entitled "Joy of the Family" by John Brown. Underdrawing in pure graphite pencil, watercolour pencil, on NOT cold pressed aquaralle watercolour paper. I worked from a photograph of the sculpture in a magazine.

Armchair and Quilt

Blue armchair with a quilt over the back. Watercolour pencil (actually wetted and used as watercolour, unlike the last drawing which just used them as pencils), underdrawing in pure graphite pencil, on medium surface cartridge paper

Wooden Cat

One of the red wooden cats that stand by my fireplace. In watercolour pencil on NOT cold pressed aquaralle watercolour paper

Sam Playing Video Games

It doesn't look like Sam, but it looks like a human being anyway, not a spastic monkey. Pure graphite pencil (same as yours) on NOT cold pressed aquarelle watercolour paper