Thursday, September 11, 2008

Elephant, from a photograph in a children's book. Watercolour pencil on A4 NOT cold pressed aquaralle watercolour paper.

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Yellow said...

This is just amazing. You get an Alevel B for this. I love the way you've used blues over browns on the trunk. You're starting to look at the balance of things, making sure the background doesn't overpower the background. One thing you may want to re-visit - things that are closer are 'sharper' than those behind. It appears that the lower trunk is behind the far front leg. The other criticism is the brown ouline round the elephant's ear.
Not kidding, this is great. Really great, and a great study in colour and texture. The forehead and upper trunk is amazing. And the eye almost wants you make me want to cry. I want to reach out and pick out the crusty bits.