Friday, November 13, 2009

Paper dolls dressed in mixed media. The idea came from a book called Mixed Mania but I didn't like the stick-thin doll template in the book, so I drew my own with my own proportions (and a cartoony-enormous head, otherwise it didn't look right).

Is it art?

No, but only because I say it isn't. If I said it was, it would be. It was fun and easy and a start at mixed media.

I could do more with it. I could stick on photos of my own face over the head. Or the faces from vintage photos, black-and-white film stars, modern celebrities, oil portraits. I could cut the clothing from newsprint text, photographs, bus tickets. I could cut the arms and legs off and rearrange them Picasso-style. I could use the figures in a collage. I could insert them into Calvin Kline adverts, catwalk photos, movie posters, porn photos, Bratz doll boxes to comment on the disparity between real female bodies and the distorted bodies we so often see. I could do stuff with it but I haven't yet.

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