Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've not been so very well lately again. My dried frog pills (antidepressant tablets) ran out over Christmas and I was just too busy to make an appointment to get more. And anyway, I was feeling so much better I thought I didn't really need them anyway. Big mistake.

My husband handed me the phone the other day and insisted I make an appointment there and then to go and get more pills. So that will be on Tuesday. In the meantime I am not too bad as long as I keep busy but as soon as I sit down with nothing much to do (including driving in my car, or lie down to go to sleep) I feel fucking wretched. I have spent whole days just lying on the bed feeling awful.

It's ok though, I have a plan. I need to start making art again. So tomorrow morning that's what I'll do. Watch this space for the results.


Yellow said...

Oh Mel, you ninny. I had a feeling something was wrong. I'm so glad you're tackling it again. God bless dried frog pills. Maybe you could make a box for your dried frog pills, to make you smile every time you take them.
I hope you're back on track in time for my big visit in 13 days time? Craft yourself happy.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Prayers said, thoughts in process, candles lit. God bless you, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) check out that emo boy one over this blog: