Thursday, February 04, 2010

Popped into one of the galleries today. The first thing the owner said after she saw me was to start moaning about how quiet things had been (gallery owner's code for "none of your paintings have sold"). But she asked me for anything with hares or ducks. Part of me bristled at being told (well, asked) what to create. But then another part of my brain ran off with the idea of mixed media hares and by the time I got home I was keen to get started.

I saw my doctor on Tuesday and got some more dried frog pills. As usual I feel better for having taken a positive step, even though the pills can't possibly have kicked in yet. I still don't want to see people but I have more motivtion to do things at home.

I'll put up pictures of the hares soon.


Yellow said...

Sounds great, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Have two pumps in the shed, the central heating one and the water pump which lifts the water from my spring. Both of themj blew out during the recent cold spell and had to be replaced. Would you like me to take them to bits and send you a box of odds and sods retrieved thus? May be of some use in your arty farty concoctions.

femsc said...

I wish I'd had you for a dad, Bill. You offer your daughter the most sensible and eccentric pressies. Does Mel get her love of practical and engineering-type things from you? My dad used to make miniature transistor radios and Airfix models, but it was never suggested that I should join in.

Mel, thought you'd been a bit quiet of late. Have some virtual chocolate, with the promise of real choccy whenever we next meet.