Monday, July 06, 2009

Currently on the easel - acrylic on MDF primed with gesso. Approx 14"x11". The drawing is done and so is the grisaille (tonal underpainting). Today I will apply colour glazes - thin washes of acrylic colour over the grisaille, thinned down to transparency with water and gloss acrylic painting medium.
I'm a bit frustrated by the stop-start pace of some acrylic techniques, where you have to wait for one layer to dry before you apply the next layer. And I don't enjoy the meticulous planning required, where you apply a splodge of random-looking paint (or leave a random-looking unpainted area) because in four more layers it will become a vital shadow or highlight or something. And I'm not wild about using brushes. It feels like an obstacle between me and the work. And I really hate these tiny mini canvases with pokey little tiny gestures. I prefer to work fast and big and loose. But maybe it is good for me to get outside my comfort zone and try something new.

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