Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The next stage of the painting is to build up the colours with thicker paint. I add acrylic medium to the paint at this stage but no water. I add titanium white as needed because opacity is no longer an issue. The drawing is beginning to vanish. The paint is no longer watery and runny as it was in the previous stage, but nor is it thick enough to form ridges on the canvas.
The purpose of this stage is to put in the range of colours of the objects. So in the previous stage the carrots were a block of one-tone orange, the tomatoes were a uniform red etc. But now hopefully you can see there are a range of different values on each object, and they are starting to take on a more three-dimensional appearance.

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Yellow said...

This is a great composition. I would feel anxious about tackling such a complicated arrangement with so many elements. but I know that this is just what I'm heading towards under our shared tutor, Mister Sidaway. I still can't believe I picked the same chap when I was looking for a temporary mentor in the library. Small world.