Monday, July 06, 2009

Pots and string finished. The "glazes over grisaille" technique is interesting. It is a bit like colouring a black-and-white photo. The range of values (black-greys-white) is already there and all you have to do is wash local colour over the top. The result has the same sort of nostalgic effect as a coloured b&w photo I think, and it same strange flatness. Shadows on a terracotta pot aren't terracotta-but-a-bit-darker. They have all sorts of other colours in them, and normally I delight in using strange and unexpected colours to make a painting shimmer. I think this is dull and tight in comparison. I rather like the string, though.

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Yellow said...

I know when you were working on the pastel paintings you were interested ina areas of light/dark, and of warm and cool, choosing sticks of the right value rather than getting the local colour right. Before you move away from acrylics, would you consider doing a grislee-thingy using your mix of colours again. The underpainting would be done as susal, in shades of grey, but the glazes would be of random colours of the correct value, maybe laid side by side?