Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Exciting new developments.

First, my sister and my husband have emptied all the crud out of the garage. They have turned it into a lovely space for working instead of a spidery hell-hole. They have painted the walls and the floor, put up workbenches and shelves and storage, installed a loft ladder, loft flooring, better electrics and all kinds of improvements. It is going to be my studio.

Second, I have found two local outlets for my paintings. I am very excited about the possibility of selling some of my art. I have been painting a series of still lifes, thinking they're probably more likely to sell than self portraits and portraits of my family. They're in a different style than I have worked in previously. I will put some photographs of them on this website soon.

I have some very clear ideas about the direction I want to go in, and the projects I want to work on next. I am feeling positive and optimistic and full of energy and enthusiasm for my art and for life in general.

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